07 May 2014

Sharing sounds in stedr

There are many ways to tell a story. For instance, through a sound track. stedr lets you share sound tracks about a place with other users. It might also be a way to share a story told by a person or a sound in the environment.

The pictures shared in stedr are retrieved from SoundCloud. To share your sound track in stedr, you need a user account on SoundCloud. Then follow these steps:
  • If you are using Android: Open the SoundCloud application on your mobile phone. If you are using iPhone: SoundCloud recommends you to use the AudioCopy application.
  • Record, clip and save a sound.
  • Save the sound.
  • Use the keyword "stedr" and the name of the place in the title of your track. You can compose any title you wish, but it should contain the keyword "stedr" and place name to be retrieved in stedr.
Note that it is possible to change any information associated to a sound track through the web interface to SoundCloud on a PC afterwards. We recommend you to add a description to the track: What cultural event is the track about? When was it recorded? This cannot yet be done from the mobile application.

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