07 May 2014

Creating places for stedr

The places presented in stedr are retrieved from the Flickr group @StedR. Places are defined by photos and their geo-location. Anyone can create a new place. Before creating a place, make sure it is not already defined!

To create a new place in stedr, you need a user account on Flickr. Note that your photos will not appear in searches or groups before you add at least 5 public photos to Flickr. Read more on Flickr Help/FAQ.

Then become a member of the group @StedR. To join:
  • Search for the group "@StedR" in Flickr, and select the group among the results.
  • Click on "+ Join Group".
  • Read the group rules. The rules relate to requirements on the pictures to be shared (see below).
  • Agree with the rules to become a group member.
Before uploading places to stedr, make sure that other people to see your pictures on a map. Check your settings:
  • Open your settings and select "Privacy & Permissions".
  • Under "Defaults for new uploads", check that the answer to "Who will be able to see your stuff on a map" is set to "Anyone". If not, change the setting. In the case you change the setting, log ut and log in again to apply the new setting.
You can now add places to stedr. Follow these steps:
  • Upload a photo of the place to your photostream on Flickr. For better rendering in stedr, we recommend photos in a landscape format.
  • Select a license under Creative Commons. The license can be specified as part of "owner settings" in Flickr.
  • After upload, add a location for the place. Specify a correct and precise location for the photo. To augment precision, use a detailed zoom level on the map
  • Provide a short description of the place. This will be shown in stedr.
Added pictures to the group first go into a queue for review. The photos will not be shared in the group before acknowledgement by the group administrator. Note that the group administrator has the right to remove a photo at any time. The administrator can also remove or ban a member.
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